Portland, Oregon Joins The Street-crapper List!  Homeless Are Not All Mentally Ill.

Nov. 27, 2017


Portland, Oregon joins the list of street-crapper cities like L.A. and Frisco!  People are literally defecating right in the streets.  Who would have thought that good old wholesome Portland would become a street-crapper city?  What do you think is causing the determination to mess up the streets like this?  I'd say it is a deliberate sort of trademark the homeless are leaving to protest something.

In many homes there is the constant ringing of surveillance frequencies.  You can hardly get anywhere that these frequencies are not present.  Try any home for awhile and soon enough the frequencies will start up, you know.

Whether the frequencies are about owing money and debt, or just plain old looking for drug activity, the police have no business executing such warantless searches AND SOME PEOPLE RESENT IT!

Wanna talk about what causes breast cancer?  Do you really want to get to the bottom of the cause and not some politically correct campaign?  They always talk about how horrible it is, BUT THEY NEVER ADDRESS THE REAL ROOT CAUSE.  One scientist has identified the cause of breast cancer as over-aggressive police behavior and surveillance.

What could be causing SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?  Infants are bound to have more sensitive bodies than juveniles or adults.  Ever see a baby tune up and cry for no reason.....when they get hit by a frequency?  Killing babies, some heroes.

I don't think the homeless are all mentally ill.  I think they have identified the problem of not being able to get affordable housing ....WITHOUT BEING RADIOED TO DEATH.  Now you will see America disintegrate into pieces because the police, everywhere, will not let go, will not let up with their warantless searches.....AND THE HORROR IS THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT TALK ABOUT IT!

The police think they are right and that they can barge into your home anytime without warrant.  This editor gets a constant barrage of acoustic attacks and does not appreciate it.  So-called law enforcement has run people clear out of their homes into the streets.


Columbia Sportswear may close Portland office over death threats, public defecation by homeless people



Las Vegas Gunman Displays Resentment Shared By Millions

Monday, October 2, 2017

Who knows what goes through the mind of a sniper who takes out more than fifty people at a time?  Maybe he is fed up with a lot of stuff that most folks are fed up with, too.  Seeing a once great country being handed over to foreigners is a big disappointment shared by millions of Americans and we see it happening on a constant basis.

The United States is undergoing constant infiltration and sell outs.  It happens when leaders embrace treaties like N.A.F.T.A. and allow the infiltration of millions of illegal aliens into our land.  It happens when most citizens are complacent and do not give the foreigners the boot, then we see additional grief like what happened with the sniper in Las Vegas, yet another curse.  It happens when zillions of Somalis and others invade our land, some illegally, and they begin demanding and raping and killing our people.

Trump can criticize the event all he wants, but until Congress starts operating lawfully instead of Un-Constitutionally over-the-heads of The American People like a criminal enterprise, and we are re-funded and provided with lawful money, the disappointments that many share will go on to provoke more people into hopeless acts of despair. 

The gunman in Las Vegas finally gave up hope, didn't he?  He probably gave up hope on Trump's promise to rid America of illegals, he gave up hope that Congress would start operating lawfully and restore The Constitution, he gave up hope that we would ever see lawful money, he gave up hope he would not be electronically tracked and herded into a FEMA camp, and he gave up on hope that we would ever see honest, Constitutional court systems, so what the hay, nothin new under the sun.

At least he reportedly took out three off-duty (attached to unlawful court systems) (thieving) cops.  Do you know what?  To those who seek to control The American People you are not going to succeed.  The American People are going to kill you for what you have done to this country.  The Las Vegas sniper is proof!

President Trump

President Trump, quit worrying over and paying into the Afghanistan War and do something about building the border wall and get these damned illegals out of here and END D.A.C.A. NOW!

Have you gone soft on illegal immigration?  Are your aides pushing you back and pushing you around?  What the hell is the matter with you?  You need to deport ALL ILLEGALS NOW!  Get every last one of them rounded up and GET THEM ALL OUT OF HERE NOW!

Sympathy for those who broke and entered into America?  Sympathy for those who are terrorists?

What the hell did we blog so hard to get you in there for?!  What the hell are you doing?!!!!!

Who the hell cares about dreamers who steal another person's Social Security number?  Who the hell cares about those who break all the rules?!!!

The United States, The Great Infidel

    You can tell a great country by whether or not it can feed it's own.  The United States cannot feed it's own and often fines and penalizes those who offer food to the homeless.  A nation steeped in mega-debt that seeks foreign war actions while failing to provide jobs accepts more immigrants into the land!  You can certainly tell that The United States is a great infidel riding high on worthless paper currency, set for a fall, with all the emergency procedures in place and the fraudulent money carousel whirling round.

     Using debt-script I.O.U.'s for dollars is a tragedy in-the-making.  "Come out of her and be ye separate".  Come out of Babylon, the great whore, the fraudulent money carousel.

     A land where privileges replaces rights is doomed to fail.  They keep Americans locked down with the phony re-declaration of emergency every fall of the year, giving police absolute authority, authority to seize property and possessions and abuse citizens, while at the same time imposing an income tax that is illegal and unjust, taxing the incomes of even the poor.

     How can Congress sit up there year after year, failing to call for a balanced budget, and impose these draconian measures?  What a bunch of crooks!  They give themselves pay raises and take lavish vacations and time off.  Talk about hypocrites!  Congress is full of hypocrites!

     The United States is truly the great infidel.  Americans are cheated on a grandiose scale.

Israel has the bomb, but the administration opposes N. Korea having the bomb

The Trump administration seems to be focusing on North Korea having the bomb, but it's okay for a little murderous nation like Israel to have the bomb?

JFK had opposed Israel having the bomb and he was killed for opposing Israel.  (1)  Looks like the reason Mr. Trump tolerates all those Jews around him is because he doesn't want to wind up like JFK!

Mr. Trump will probably find a lot of excuses now not to build the wall, being distracted from the task by seeking foreign war actions.



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